19 projects at KOU

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19 projects at KOU

Kocaeli University (KOU) Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering Lecturer Dr Canan Perdahçı and her students realized 19 projects to contribute to electrical engineering. 19 projects which were prepared under the chairmanship of Lecturer Dr Canan Perdahçı in order to warm up the students studying Electrical Engineering to the profession were exhibited in the programme called "Our Projects 1 Exhibition". Kocaeli Science, Industry and Technology Provincial Director İlhan Aydın, KOU Faculty of Engineering Faculty Vice Dean Prof. Dr. Ayşen Basa Arsay, KOU Faculty of Engineering Electrical Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Nurettin Abut, Pelsan Lighting Board Member Yurdem Göğüş, Electrical Engineer Bilal Kamanoğlu and Electrical Engineer Kıvanç Daylan from Kaya Elektro Teknik and many students attended the programme held at KOU Pelsan Lighting Laboratory. Following the protocol speech, participants visited the exhibition and received information about the project from the students who contributed to it.


Making the opening speech of the programme, Lecturer Doctor Canan Perdahçı thanked the students who contributed to the project and explained the objective of the project. Taking the floor after Perdahçı, Prof. Dr. Nurettin Abut, Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, KOU, said: "We wish to increase such projects. Another good point is the support of our Provincial Director of Industry and our companies. We want to raise you well and we want to see you as a boss."


Taking the floor after Abut, Pelsan Lighting Board Member Yurdem Göğüş said, "As Pelsan Lighting, we have been producing lighting for 37 years. We are one of the big companies that have kept up with the revolutions in the sector. Our transition to led lights was a transition like the transition from analogue machines to digital machines. The biggest labour here goes to the engineers. Now we design systems. The sector needs more engineers. We can only make developments with engineers and enlightened people. Therefore, we are making investments for the future."


Taking the floor after Yurdem Göğüş, Bilal Kamanoğlu, Electrical Engineer at Kaya Elektro Teknik, stated: "I never dreamed of being here when I was your age. With the knowledge you acquire here, you will invest in the future. You will benefit from new technology products. The future is waiting for you." The final speech was made by İlhan Aydın, Kocaeli Provincial Director of Science, Industry and Technology: "Here, we have combined the public, university and private sector without realising it. I have been a civil servant for thirty years, but every morning I go to work as excited as my first day of work. May your business life be the same."