Who Are We?

We are one of the largest manufacturers in the near geography, offering end to end lighting solutions for indoor, outdoor and industrial areas.

Our Vision

To be the first lighting brand that comes to mind in our country and in our close geography.

Our Values

To ensure customer satisfaction, continuous improvement, working in accordance with business ethics, being creative and innovative, focusing on team success and maintaining quality.

Our Mission

To contribute to the country's economy by producing lighting products that prioritize energy saving.

Why Pelsan?

We test all products developed by our expert R&D staff in our accredited laboratory and register their quality. With our 41 years of experience and more than 3500 product ranges, we offer a single address for all your lighting needs.

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geniş ürün 41 Years of Experience
geniş ürün Fully Integrated Production Facility
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Experience of 41 Years

  • 1982 First year of our establishment
  • 1985 We started the first production with ballast production in the past years.
  • 1988 We established a metal processing plant.
  • 1997 We have transitioned to the ISO 9001 quality system.
  • 2000 We started plastic injection production.
  • 2001 We made our first export.
  • 2004 We illuminated the Athens Olympics.
  • 2006 We established our logistics center.
  • 2010 We established our electronic facility.
  • 2013 We ensured the integration between the units with the ERP system.
  • 2015 Our lighting laboratory was accredited by TÜRKAK.
  • 2017 We moved to our new fully integrated designed factory.
  • 2022 We reached our highest export sales.

Industry Specific Solutions

We offer you a single address for all your lighting needs, we reduce the number of operations and create time for you.

+40,000 SKU (Stock Keeping Unit)
+3500 product variants
Indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial, ex-proof, emergency lighting and private solutions

Go Products
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Fully Integrated Production Facility

30,000 m2; In our production facility with a closed area, we produce +5 million luminaires per year with our +500 employees.

Electronic Production Facility
Plastic Injection Production Facility
Semi Finished Processing Area
Molding Area
Glass Processing Plant
Park Garden Luminaires Production Facility
Fiberglass Polyester Production Plant
Powder Coating Plant
Assembly Line

Expert R&D Staff

As a lighting fixture manufacturer, we are constantly working to create design awareness with all our stakeholders. We can make mechanical, optical, electrical and thermal designs within our body, and we provide income to our country and our users, especially with our energy efficiency studies.

Mechanical Design
Thermal Design
Electrical Design
Optical Design
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Mechanical Design

Thermal Design

Electrical Design

Optical Design

Accredited Laboratory

Our laboratory, which was established in 1997 with a modern device infrastructure in a closed area of 550 m2, registered its quality within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard by the Turkish Accreditation Agency on April 28, 2015.

Within the scope of quality, in our laboratory;

  • Armature tests in accordance with TS EN 60598-1 / TS EN 60598-2 / standards,
  • Measuring and presenting photometric data in accordance with TS EN 13032-1 / 13032-2 standards,
  • Safety tests of LED Modules in accordance with TS EN 62031 standard
  • LED Driver safety tests in accordance with TS EN 61347-2-13 standard
  • IP tests in accordance with TS 3033 EN 60529 standard,
  • Fire hazard tests in accordance with TS EN 60695-2-10 / 60695-2-11 / 60695-2-12 / 60695-2-13 / 60695-11-5 standards,
  • Surface leak tests in accordance with TS EN 60112 standard,
  • Classification tests for the protection of electrical equipment (IK Code) against external mechanical impacts in accordance with TS EN 62262 standard,
  • We conduct endurance tests against environmental conditions in accordance with TS EN 60068-2-75 / TS EN 60068-1 standards.
Our Documents

With our innovative and dynamic structure, we always offer new projects and contribute to both our customers and the environment.

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Human Centric Lighting
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Smart System
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Solar System
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Education Support

Since the day we were founded, we have given great importance to social responsibility projects and accomplished successful projects in many different fields.

  • PMTP (Pelsan Lighting Management Trainee Program) Program
  • ITU Pelsan Lighting Technologies Training Center
  • Yıldız Technical University Lighting Laboratory
  • Kocaeli University Lighting Laboratory
  • Vocational High School Laboratories
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