Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association was found in 1997 by 19 lighting fixture and component manufacturer companies.

The purpose of the association is to create the sector's conscious, to develop individual and collective relations between the representatives in the sector, to increase corporate/academic relations through joint efforts and agreements, to complete process of compliance to international standards, to ensure that Turkish manufacturers are represented in international market and to protect consumer rights.

Pelsan Aydınlatma became a member of Lighting Equipment Manufacturers Association in 2009-2010 working period.


Lighting Turkish National Committee was founded and started its activities in 1995 pursuant to article 7/3-m of the law with the number 2880 amending the Law with the number 2547, with the legislation promulgated in the Official Gazette dated October 31ST, 1995 with the issue number 22449, on behalf of the Higher Education Institution.

Purpose of the institution is

» To encourage, carry out and support improvement and studies in Lighting area in Turkey, to organize scientific meetings, to issue scientific publications,
» To attend “International Commission on Illumination” as a member institution from Turkey and to represent Turkey before this union,
» To establish contact and relations with people, institutions and organizations who are members of the union and to cooperate with them within the purpose and opportunities,
» To encourage for studies focusing on the tools, methods and theoretic subjects on illumination science and applications.

Pelsan Aydınlatma became a member of Lighting Turkish National Committee in 2000.

Zhaga Consortium

Founded in 2010, the Zhaga consortium aims to adapt future technology by standardizing LED components worldwide. When products falls behind the technology in the future, it allows interchangeability with components from different manufacturers, allowing the relevant part to be upgraded or renewed. In this context, the rules they publish defines the relationship between luminaire and LED module and facilitate the entry of products into the global market. As Pelsan, we are happy to add membership to the Zhaga Consortium among our investments in the future.