It has become very important to provide energy efficiency and savings, which are necessary for achieving sustainability goals on a global scale. For this purpose, important studies are carried out to save energy and increase efficiency, especially for lighting purposes.

Intelligent lighting systems are mainly used to reduce energy consumption and to save energy. Replacing conventional lamps with LED lamps is a prime example. Within the scope of holistic energy saving; With the conversion to LED technology, efficiency, ease of maintenance, traceability, flexible designs, long-lasting and environmentally friendly designs are at the forefront. With smart systems, turning on and off the devices at certain times according to the sunrise and sunset is easily included in the automatic system. It is a preferred system especially for the control of luminaires used in road, street and park lighting.

with Pelsan; You can reach both aesthetically designed and environmentally friendly smart systems. Rio road and street luminaires offer you a safe smart lighting system in terms of energy saving and ease of maintenance with the possibility of remote control.