Solar System

It is system lighting that reduces the need for electricity by utilizing solar energy. The initial investment cost eliminates the operating cost. It provides an advantage with the lighting systems that can be planned according to the needs and the lamps that flash automatically and go out at certain hours. In solar lighting; armature, solar panel, battery, inverter, charge controller and special automation equipment. of the system; It has many benefits such as reducing operating costs, reducing electrical losses, eliminating foreign dependency, generating electricity according to needs and easy installation.

The solar system, which increases sustainability for the environment, is of great importance for the lighting industry. Renewable energy sources contribute to both the environment and the country's economy. It can be applied to many different areas such as street, garden, street, building lighting. When used in areas where the need for lighting is high, it increases the profit rate by bringing the cost to approximately zero. Based on the lowest sunny times of the year, this system stores crystal rays even in cloudy weather. Thanks to powerful LEDs, it can easily illuminate the environment. Chargers and batteries can be easily charged and long-term use can be achieved. In order to benefit more from solar energy, it can be mounted in different directions and parallel to the ground. The panels, which are positioned facing the sun, can be changed when desired. The system turns on and off automatically according to the rays.

Thanks to Pelsan, you can reach a wide range of products in garden fixtures. Thanks to the aluminum bodies, the LEDs are cooled effectively and you will have long-lasting, durable garden luminaires. Apart from catalog products, special boutique productions can be made.