Things to Know About Ex-Proof

Work security comes first. In order to ensure occupational safety, it may be necessary to take special precautions in some facilities, unlike others. In environments where explosive materials are present or situations that may cause explosions may occur, spark and arc preventive power tools should be used. Products defined as ex-proof provide protection against explosion. A safe working environment is provided by using ex-proof luminaires in the lighting of explosion-hazardous environments. Ex-proof products have to be ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosive) certified. The issues specified in the ATEX regulation are intended to protect life and property. It is based on the implementation of international occupational safety and worker health rules by taking measures to prevent fire and explosions. You can access ATEX certified products through Pelsan and choose the most suitable products for your safety.

What are Ex-proof Luminaires?

Ex-proof luminaires, literally, appear as explosion-proof luminaires. While these products are being designed, techniques suitable for use in hazardous areas are applied. Explosion and dust ignition resistant, dustproof and pressure resistant products are produced. They also need to be mounted securely and hermetically. Ex-proof luminaires do not create sparks and arcs that may cause explosion in environments where flammable, explosive and flammable materials are present. Therefore, it is obligatory to use ex-proof lighting in areas where there is danger of explosion, which may occur due to gas, dust or flammable substance vapor. Ex-proof luminaires also prevent the contact of explosion, spark or arc that may occur inside the device with the outside, thanks to their specially developed armor.

Where are Ex-proof Luminaires Used, What is the Difference?

There are three elements that cause an explosion: explosive material, oxygen (air) and ignition source. When lighting is provided with normal equipment in areas with explosion hazard, sparks and arcs may act as an ignition source and cause an explosion. In order to prevent this situation, ex-proof luminaires, which are specially produced and eliminate the danger of explosion, should be preferred. The use of ex-proof equipment is also obligatory in the legislation on occupational safety and worker health.

The places that are considered risky due to the presence of flammable, explosive and flammable materials and where ex-proof luminaires should be used are as follows:

  • Oil refining and facilities
  • LPG and natural gas facilities
  • Factories producing chemical products
  • Pharmaceutical factories
  • Iron and steel industry
  • Coal mines
  • Factories producing wood materials
  • Alcoholic beverage factories
  • Flour and sugar factories
  • Grain silos

When choosing ex-proof luminaires, the facility and conditions where the product will be used should be evaluated, and the most suitable and safe products should be preferred. Places that are dangerous in terms of explosion risk are classified as explosive environments formed by flammable dust in the air in the form of clouds and environments consisting of a mixture of air and flammable substances in the form of gas, vapor and fog, and ratings have been made. These ratings are calculated according to the degree of danger and the rate of presence of dangerous substances in the environment.

Why are Ex-proof Luminaires Important? What Can Happen in the Case of Neglect?

Ex-proof luminaires do not produce sparks and arcs that may cause explosion or burning, and are resistant to fire and explosions caused by another reason. These fire or explosion resistant products prevent new hazards that may occur. Negligence in the use of ex-proof luminaires may cause ignition and explosion of combustible materials in contact with sparks and arcs originating from the luminaire. In order to prevent loss of life and property that may occur in such adverse situations, ex-proof luminaires produced and approved in accordance with international criteria should be used. In addition, in cases where ex-proof luminaires are not used, normal luminaires may be damaged in fires and explosions that may occur due to another source in the environment and cause a new explosion. In order to prevent this danger, it is obligatory to use an explosion-proof ex-proof luminaire.

You can reach ATEX certified ex-proof luminaires, which are based on occupational safety and protection of worker health, through Pelsan, and you can safely use the products you choose.