Provide Ultra Hygiene with UV-C Technology

Ex-proof luminaires do not produce sparks and arcs that may cause explosiToday, the fight against pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and viruses continues in all areas of our lives. The lighting products industry also contributes to the achievement of hygienic environments by using ultraviolet ray technology. Pelsan Lighting provides hygienic solutions with the help of ultraviolet rays while illuminating indoor spaces with its new UV-C sterilization fixtures series.

What is UV-C Technology, How Does It Sterilize?

Pelsan provides ultra-hygiene with its new UV-C sterilization fixtures, in which ultraviolet rays with the power to kill viruses and bacteria are used. Scientific research that has been going on for years proves the destructive effect of pathogenic microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria at a certain wavelength level of light. While the rays in the wavelength range of 100nm to 400nm are in the ultraviolet rays group, they minimize the possibility of pathogenic organisms that are harmful to the human body and cause diseases. Experts especially draw attention to the values ​​of 280nm wavelength and below, while 265nm is the highest value at which viruses and bacteria are killed. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7nm are used in Pelsan UV-C series luminaires.

Ultraviolet Solutions to Fight Viruses and Bacterias

During the coronavirus epidemic process, where the importance of the fight against viruses and bacteria is understood, it is understood how important it is to disinfect the places where people stay together for a long time.

By choosing lighting fixtures using UV-C technology, air and surfaces can be disinfected in homes, offices, public spaces such as schools and hospitals. In this way, you can contribute to the sterilization of areas thanks to ultraviolet rays at any time of the day.
Pelsan, which has created stylish and useful designs for disinfecting spaces, supports sterilization processes as well as lighting with its UV-C series.


Sterilization in Every Space

There are 5 different product groups in Pelsan UV-C series, which are band fixtures, waterproof fixtures, portable/hanging fixtures, office fixtures and IP65 fixtures. Each of them has superior features with luminaires that can offer solutions to different needs in different places, ozone-free lamp with time adjustment and an internal sensor that ensures safe use.
You can choose the UV-C lighting fixtures suitable for your needs according to the features, purpose and size of the space. Pelsan UV-C sterilization fixtures offer lighting and hygiene together in offices and meeting rooms, in places with high human density such as hospitals, courthouses and public buildings.
In Pelsan UV-C luminaires, which have a disinfection level of up to 99 percent, the disinfection rate can also vary depending on the size of the rooms, the number of UV-C lamps used and the energy capacity of these lamps.

What you need to know about UV-C luminaires

• Pelsan UV-C luminaires using ultraviolet technology have a sensor feature. This feature allows the lamps to turn off automatically when there is someone around.
• It is recommended that the installation height be at least 2.1 meters above the ground in order for UVC luminaires to show full performance. (Except Portable/Hangable luminaire)
• The relative humidity of the environment where the luminaires work should not be over 70 percent. At the same time, it is recommended that the ambient temperature be between 25°C and 27°C for optimum working level of the bulbs.
• For more information and details about Pelsan UV-C luminaires, you can view the brochures of the products in the catalogs tab.