Outdoor Lighting: Floodlights

Outdoor lighting is crucial for life to continue its usual course when daylight diminishes and ultimately when the sky goes completely dark. Different outdoor areas have distinct lighting needs. For instance, the lighting criteria for a highway are entirely different from those of a garden or a stadium. Floodlights, particularly those offering high light output and durability, are used for illuminating various areas. Floodlights produced with LED technology are longer lasting and more efficient compared to halogen lamps. Moreover, LED floodlights reduce energy costs and have minimal environmental impact.

What are the Features of Lighting Floodlights?
The most important features of projectors are their resistance to dust, water, moisture, and ambient temperatures. Designed specifically for large area illumination with high lumen output, these luminaires are also used to highlight the desired area through optical arrangements with symmetric and asymmetric light angles. Additionally, different color temperatures create the desired atmosphere. For a project to operate smoothly, it needs to work with appropriate input voltage. Therefore, designed floodlights should have as wide a range of input voltage levels as possible and be regulated according to AC or DC operation. Floodlights with various mounting types can be installed on poles, building walls, ground, and different types of ceilings. With various automation options, these luminaires are adjusted to the need and made more efficient.

What are the Applications of Floodlights?
Floodlights stand out with their wide range of applications. Stadiums, construction sites, open parking lots, building facades, and squares are some of them. Additionally, floodlights designed to operate smoothly in explosive and flammable environments are specially manufactured to withstand high temperatures and impacts and are certified with the international ATEX certificate.

What to Consider When Buying a Floodlight?
One of the most important factors affecting the purchasing decision of a floodlight is the depreciation. The features of the driver inside the floodlight mechanism directly affect its lifetime. Additionally, heat management is crucial for floodlights operating at high powers for long periods. Proper heat dissipation ensures effective operation of the luminaire without reducing its performance.

Pelsan Floodlight Family
With 42 years of experience and a wide product portfolio, Pelsan Lighting offers ideal solutions for lighting needs. While the renewed Cruzo G2 has power options up to 1800W, the Ria floodlight family stands out with different lens options. Sterio can be modularly designed from 50W to 450W, while Lecto, with its resistant electrical design, never malfunctions. Click here to explore Pelsan Lighting floodlight products.