New Architectural Lighting Brand: RECTA

New Architectural Lighting Brand: RECTA

Pelsan, founded in 1982, is one of the largest manufacturers operating in the lighting sector in Turkey. As Pelsan lighting, we design and manufacture energy efficient, quality and aesthetic lighting products for interior, exterior and industrial spaces. With our wide product range; We offer solutions with LED lighting, street, industrial, decorative, garden lighting and lighting systems for special projects.

We offer solutions to all lighting needs with 3500 product types and 19 product categories. …. After Maxin, our lamp product group brand in 2018, and Tio, our economic product group brand established in 2020, now our new architectural product brand Recta is here!

Architectural lighting is a lighting design that emphasizes the interior or exterior spaces of a building or space, has an atmosphere effect and aims to provide functionally correct lighting. Architectural lighting offers many different options for indoor or outdoor lighting. Luminaires, lamps and other lighting systems used in architectural lighting are strategically placed to preserve the lines, shapes and textures of architectural design. Architectural features are emphasized using many different techniques such as shading, point lighting, recessed lighting and LED technology.

In addition to all these, the goal of architectural lighting is to meet the right lighting in order to meet the operational requirements of a space. Lighting plans are made in accordance with the function and purpose of use of indoor and outdoor spaces.

By bringing together Pelsan's wide product range and quality in architecture, with our Recta brand, which we plan to transfer our lighting experience to architectural products. With the assurance of Pelsan, innovations in life, our luminaires are ready to add elegance to spaces.

Places are More Stylish with Recta

Our new brand Recta, which brings light and art together, offers integrated solutions suitable for the structure of architecture. Lighting plays an important role in architecture. Light is an important factor such as preserving the aesthetic structure, having a functional use, narrowing the environment in a wider or desired manner.

Recta offers a single address for all your needs in architectural spaces with its wide product range. We offer solutions for your needs with exclusive products. With the selection of luminaires suitable for the environment, we apply lighting services that will enable you to focus more spacious, more relaxing or easier. You can find our products in our catalog for spot lighting preferred indoors, wall sconces suitable for areas such as gardens and terraces, and indoor sconce applications.