Importance of Emergency Lighting and Direction Luminaires

Emergency Situations are Under Assurance with New "Ausled"

Emergency lighting / routing luminaires engaged in situations such as power outages, earthquakes, fires and terror during which ordinary lighting systems do not operate, are vital to ensure safe evacuation and to prevent loss of life.

Emergency lighting luminaires the necessity of which is not fully felt when everything is fine under normal conditions, engage in dangerous situations to prevent any risk to human life. The quality and life of the products used when it comes to life is critical. In addition, the fact that escape routes are illuminated with correct level of right in order to find our way in emergencies is another important factor that ensures safe evacuation.

Why are Emergency Lighting Fixtures Important?

Ausled IP65 Emergency Lighting and Routing Luminaire, designed and manufactured by Pelsan R&D engineers, helps to realize safe evacuation procedure by illuminating the spaces in case of emergency.

Ausled, featuring a functional electrical design, is an "all in one“ product offering solutions to the users with different operating modes such as continuous lighting, emergency lighting and switchable mode. In addition to providing illumination under normal conditions with continuous lighting mode, it is activated automatically in case of emergency. In emergency lighting mode; the luminaire, which does not illuminate only when mains power is available, automatically activates and provides lighting in case of emergency. In the switchable mode, both continuous lighting and emergency lighting mode options are available.

Thanks to its hybrid design, Ausled offers both surface mounting and recessed mounting options in one product thanks to its durable metal springs. It allows cable output in desired direction depending on the suitability of the mounting place and thereby minimizes the mounting period thanks to its 4+1 direction cable output.


With IP65 protection class, it is resistant to dust and water even under the challenging conditions of industrial plants. In the event of a possible emergency, it creates a bright environment by continuing working even under harsh environmental conditions.


High efficiency Ni-Cd batteries in Ausled, which easily meet the requirements of the Fire Regulations thanks to its illumination period exceeding 3 hours, do not require physical maintenance other than charging. These batteries do not require the addition of water or electrolyte and long-life Ni-Cd batteries can operate in any position. The structures of Ni-Cd batteries used in Ausled are resistant to shock, fall, vibration and all kinds of mechanical external factors. In this way, no matter how challenging the conditions are, it continues to provide illumination. In addition, periodic maintenance can be done easily thanks to electronic functions such as test button, charge indicator light.


In addition to being an emergency lighting fixture, Ausled can also be used as an emergency routing luminaire thanks to the 4 different routing labels that come with the product. In this way, it directs to escape routes and a single luminaire is used for both lighting and routing purposes.

Pelsan Emergency Lighting Luminare Ausled has been used in the living containers designed by the United Nations (UN) to enable people in difficult situations to live a good life in a healthy environment. It is extremely important that the materials used in this living containers have long life-time and high efficiency. Ausled has become a product preferred by the United Nations by not only providing light output of over 100lm/W, but also with its long lasting Ni-Cd battery meeting European Standards.

In the most difficult and life critical situations, Pelsan is your side with our products that offer safety.