Holistic Saving Approach in Industrial Areas

Today, due to the increasing energy costs, the importance of saving is increasing day by day. There are many important factors for us to achieve full savings in lighting. By bringing together the right conditions, we achieve 'holistic savings'. Savings in lighting; It is possible to make it effectively by creating, directing and positioning of the light .Industrial areas are the first environments that come to mind when it comes to high energy costs. The energy spent on lighting in these areas constitutes an average of 30% of the electricity bill. Using luminaires suitable for the environment for energy saving reduces energy consumption and reduces electricity costs.


About Choosing the Right Luminaire

First of all, reducing energy consumption with long-lasting LED luminaires is the first step. However, it is not a sufficient solution on its own in terms of holistic savings. The new generation energy saving luminaires are designed in accordance with the toughest conditions as a result of our R&D studies. Maximum system efficiency is aimed with optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs. Ceiling height is an important parameter when determining the needs in industrial area lighting. The choice of linear or point luminaire is decided and its placement is tried. A homogeneous distribution of lighting and a need-oriented sensor, control components are important elements to be considered. The material used, the lens angle and the reflectors constitute the points to be considered in the design of high efficiency luminaires. The luminaire should be considered as a whole with its light source and reflectors. By choosing the right reflector and lens, it will contribute to increasing the light efficiency and creating economical lighting by directing the light. In this way, the light that is directed effectively creates the right illumination by preserving life and work standards with less energy.


Lighting Calculations with DIALux

Directing the light with the right angles by analyzing the environment prevents energy loss. During the lighting calculation; benefiting from daylight, determining the right lighting points and using a sufficient number of luminaires are the issues to be considered.


Get Big Results with Small Improvements.

In addition to reducing energy consumption costs, there is less carbon footprint. Minimizing the factors that negatively affect the environment is possible with saving methods. With the measures to be taken in the face of increasing costs, both companies and national capital will be contributed. In this way, while improving sustainability, it helps you to obtain ideally lit environments.

In line with the savings and planning, a better illuminated environment is obtained. The importance of using high quality LEDs for comfortable working areas has been proven by research. For example, the stability of the light is of great importance for comfortable working environments. For stable light; Use of flicker free drivers is recommended. Achieving certain standards in terms of occupational safety is possible with the right lighting. Thanks to the right lighting, occupational accidents and faulty production can be minimized. Lighting planning is required for healthy working environments.


Our main solutions for energy saving in factories; They are our high ceiling luminaires such as Cronto, Etna, Castor. Our professional product lines are designed to work in the toughest conditions with high lm/watt, 5 years warranty, and a driver life of up to 100,000 hours. In addition to factories we have our price-performance product groups for workshops, small and medium-sized businesses provide businesses with short amortization periods. Hima G2, karpat and Monte is our ideal solution for such areas.