Brand New Lawn Luminaires from Pelsan to Parks and Gardens, Square and Walkways

Parks, gardens and squares are the places where people come together, and they are open for use during the daytime as well as in the evening. The lighting design of these areas is as important as the landscape architecture for the users. These areas with good lighting design can become a center of attraction.

Pelsan Aydınlatma has presented its new lawn luminaires designed by considering the latest architectural trends in the world and in our country. New products put performance to center for energy saving and gave a new look to the category of lawn lighting by synthesizing them with simple architectural lines.

128lm / W Efficiency Factor for More Energy Saving

Offering high performance with LED lighting technology, Pelsan's new lawn luminaires give more light by consuming less power. Its performance has been approved by the Turkish Accreditation Agency and independent Pelsan Lighting Laboratory. Luminaire modules have measurement results and reports according to LM79 and TS EN 13032-1: 2004 + A1 standards. With this feature, besides the special projects it has become the products preferred by public institutions and organizations.
New Lawn Luminaires with Long Life, High Efficiency Components!
The LED drivers used in the new lawn luminaires have a life span of 50,000 hours and the LED chips have a life of over 60,000 hours. The housing made of aluminum ensures effective cooling of the LEDs. Resistant to outdoor conditions.
The lenses with IP65 protection class and optimal control of light which are dustproof and waterproof, do not turn yellow in time. Powered by UV.
Product Portfolio for Everyone's Taste with 15 New Products!
 The new products, which are named after the islands, are presented to the customers in 15 different casing. With this products it is possible to make special boutique productions for projects apart from the catalog products,! With different arm angles, different RAL codes, new lawn luminaires are suitable for different power and length production and thus offer customized solutions.