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Pelsan Takes Its Place At A-Tech Trade Show with Smart Technologies...

Pelsan Aydınlatma, one of the biggest manufacturers in Turkish lighting industry, attended to A-Tech Trade Show organized in Ankara Congresium on the dates between 22-25 November 2018.
The A-Tech Trade Show, the second of which was organized this with the "Trade Show That brings public and private sector together" motto, was visited by more than 5.000 visitors including companies engaging in electricity sector, institutions and organizations as well as people from different professions all over Turkey.

Pelsan Aydınlatma brought its LED products newly added to its product line together with its visitors under 9 different groups, which are the Office Fixtures, Downlights, Ceiling Fixtures, Waterproof Fixtures, High Ceiling Fixtuers, Projectors, Road and Street Fixtures, Wallwashers and Linear Fixtures.

Road and Street Lighting Fixtures with Rio LED, which were among the products exhibited in the trade show and manufactured according to TEDAŞ specifications, were among the products that were shown high interest by the visitors. Pelsan Aydınlatma, following the technological developments closely, has brought the concept of lighting to the next level by using Intelligent Communication Systems in road and street luminaires. By using Road and Street Lighting Fixtures with Rio LED which communicate by using Name sockets in addition to remote controlled systems via Wi-Fi, it is possible to perform remote controlling, light dimming of luminaires without using cables and to follow utilization data instantly on the maps.

Pelsan, blending a wide range of products with technology, offers lighting solutions suitable for every space with its professional products. Pelsan Lighting, which is the first company that comes to mind in the industry especially in industrial lighting solutions, became the focus of attention with its new high ceiling luminaire and the new waterproof fixture introduced in the trade show. While putting emphasis on the ease of mounting with New Forza Waterproof Fixture, LED and LED Tube versions are offered to the users as alternatives. Pelsan, emphasizing the efficiency with its new Etna LED High Ceiling Fixture, produces durable luminaries which are suitable for the toughest plant conditions. The Largo Ex-Proof Waterproof Luminaire, which was introduced to visitors at the trade show, has been specially designed for environments with dust and gas explosion risk and is suitable for use in high-risk environments such as oil stations, power plants, chemical plants, paint factories and boiler rooms.

Pelsan, which is quite assertive in interior lighting, too as it is in exterior lighting and industrial areas, allocated a lot of space to the luminaires for office lighting. While emphasizing the efficiency with ENEC and TSE certified Isoled Backlight Office Luminaires complying with specifications, the new Indirect Office Luminaire Divaled introduced the users with high eye comfort. Pelsan, offering new Picto - Punto Series Ceiling Luminaires suitable for domestic use as well as office fixtures, adds elegance to the houses with these decorative luminaires, and emphasizes the importance of human oriented lighting by bringing 3 different light colour within a single fixture thanks to the "dynamic white" technology.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, represented at the Exhibition broadly, including Pelsan Aydınlatma Board Members, project and sales department and R&D, shared detailed information with the visitors about its products. Pelsan Aydınlatma, 2018 catalogue of which, wherein technical details of LED light source fixtures are explained, was appreciated greatly by the visitors, presented the studies conducted under R&D umbrella to the visitors with examples by sharing the results of the measurements performed at the accredited laboratory under its body.

About Pelsan Aydınlatma A. Ş. ...
Pelsan Aydınlatma, A.Ş. which was founded in Istanbul 36 years ago, is one of the biggest manufacturers in the lighting industry in Turkey with its production, export and employment figures.
5 million lighting fixtures are manufactured every year and exported to 65 countries by 450 employees at Pelsan plants with indoor area of 30.000 m² .
Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs are performed within Pelsan by the R&D department running with strong engineer staff. Again all lighting products are certified with the Lighting Laboratory that has been established internally and registered upon accreditation by Turkish Accreditation Institution. Pelsan, with all these facilities owned, has shifted also to LED technology that has been developing and spreading recently and started to produce efficient fixtures complying to this technology.
Main product groups of Pelsan Aydınlatma, offering venue specific project design and lighting design with total saving approach, are Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Equipment and Lamps.
Pelsan Aydınlatma, having adopted the mission of investing on the future of the lighting sector and youngsters, donates lighting laboratories to universities and offer job and intern opportunities to students with PMTP (Pelsan Aydınlatma Management Trainee Program) it applies.
Lighting products manufactured are delivered to customers through the dealer network spread around Turkey, chain stores, Tedaş and projects.

For detailed information:  Banu Esin – Corporate Communication Specialist
                                      banu.esin@pelsan.com.tr – 0546 501 09 86