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Total Energy Saving

Today, efficient lighting is more than just replacing the present incandascent lamps with energy saving lamps, It is a design project that covers the luminaire and the illuminated field. Creating the light efficiently, directing and positioning it are the main three parameters to take care of at energy

saving. The design of this system consisting these parameters forms the basis of the total energy saving approach. Pelsan’ s contrubution to the sector and economy in the field of energy saving in lighting is based on this total energy saving approach. Energy saving in lighting up to %80 should

be taken as a national project to avoid our country becoming dependant on external sources. Pelsan in this direction encourages the usage of its energy saving lamps and specially designed luminaires. Playing a leading role in energy saving by working on the development of new generation energy saving luminaires, Pelsan aims to answer the needs for the change and to help use national resources economically by conducting a detailed study on “total saving”.