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Technical Symbols

           Products manufactured in accordance with European standards            2 Class of protection, reinforced insulation is made, no grounding
     Quality system certification       3 rd Class of protection, low voltage, ungrounded
    Energy Classification System EEI = A1                 Protected against dripping water IPx1
        European Norms Electrical Certification             Protected against rain IPx3
            Ukrainian standards compliance certificate.             Protected against water jets IPx4
      Russian standards compliance certificate.     Protected against water jets IPx5
     Turkish standards compliance certificate.            Waterproof, sinkable and removable to the water IPx7
   Quality compliance trademark     Pressurized water proof Submersible IPx8
          Verband deutscher elelktrotechniker.         Dust-resistent
        Dutch standard        Dustproof
           Can be mounted to flammable surfaces           Size of holes
             1 Class of protection the, body is grounded