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Accredited Laboratory

Our laboratory, which has been established in the indoor area of 550 m2’ with a modern equipment infrastructure in 1997, has registered its quality by accredited by TURKAK (Turkish Accreditation Institution) on 28 April 2015 under TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

Our laboratory has been established in order to determine electrical, physical, chemicak and photometric characteristics of the electronic materials, lighting fixtures, lamps manufactured and traded and all final components in connection to these products. Test, analysis and measurements conducted within the frame of accreditation are internationally recognized and valid, interim checks and calibrations performed periodically contribute product quality and reliability of our customers.
Test, measurement and analysis activities are carried out, documents according to the requirements of TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and laboratory operating conditions are continuously taken under inspection.

In terms of quality;
• Fixture tests complying to TS EN 60598-1 and TS EN 60698-2 standards,
• Measurement and presentation of photometric data conforming to TS EN 13032-1 / 13032-2 standards,
• IP tests conforming to TS 3033 EN 60529 standard,
• Fire danger tests conforming to TS EN 60695-2-10 / 60695-2-11 / 60695-2-12 / 60695-2-13/ 60695-11-5 standards,
• Surface leakage tests conforming to TS EN 60112 standard,
• Environmental conditions resistance test conforming to TS EN 60068-2-75 standard are performed at our laboratory.

Results of these tests conducted at our laboratory furnished with personnel who is expert in their area and our modern test equipment, are documented in a report according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard and meet our customers' requests in the best way.