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Career at Pelsan

The most important reason of our success as Pelsan Aydınlatma is the contribution made by our employees. We are aware that the most important element for the continuation of our achievements increasingly is the intellectual capital that we own. What make today's Pelsan as the largest ligthing company of Turkey is the high quality staff that has been working with self-devotion, more than everything, in our journey of 33 years. We aim to put our signature as Pelsan family under great achievements while progressing on the road of being a world brand with quick steps.

Our employee profile is composed of individuals who are open to change and development, love their job, believe in team work, have ethical values, are customer focused and have high social responsibility sensitivity. It is our most important objective to sustain the environment based on mutual trust and respect that we have created with all of our employees within a dynamic structure, in which experiences professionals of Pelsan family are together with young employees, who are open for development.

We create illumination with the light of Pelsan at every corner of Turkey and in many countries around the world. On behalf of everyone whom whom we have brought together with light, we owe all our employees a debt of gratitude.