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From the Campus to Career


PMTP is a training program specially prepared by Pelsan Aydınlatma for university students and new graduates. We believe that future will be shaped at hands of young generations and offer an insight for preparing them into professional life by offering work and intern opportunities to them under Pelsan's light.

Who do we expect to PMTP ?

• All candidates who love learning and self-developing
• can take initiative, have responsibility
• are studying at the 3RD and 4TH grades of universities, studying for masters degree or graduated recently
• know English
• have strong human relations, love team work
• believe that he/she will succeed in various projects with project based working principle
• all candidates can apply to PMTB and see the light in here...

What kind of process is waiting for you for PMTP ?

• Send your CV to us
• Send your CV to us from or completing the cv at the bottom of the page.
• Face to face Interview
• After the assessment process, those candidates who are found suitable will be interviewed in person by Pelsan HR team and executives of different departments and you will tell about yourselves to us.
• For starting PMTP,
• We will start the program with candidates who complete all these steps successfully.

What will you learn with PMTP ?

• Production and administrative processes
• Team Work
• Project based, result oriented working principles
• Areas of interest and competencies