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Intern Process

Recruitment Process

The most important resource behind the success of Pelsan Aydınlatma is its employees. In this direction, it is our greatest aim to place right people to right job for the positions opening at our company. Common qualifications that we look for at our candidates are; education, experience and competencies required by the position as well as having personality characteristics compliant to Pelsan corporate culture and values. We make one-to-one interviews in line with our personnel needs. We perform our interviews with competency based interview technic. First interview is performed by the recruitment official and compliance of the candidate to the position and his/her competencies are measured. The candidates, who succeed in this process are invited to a second interview. If necessary, the candidate may be involved in a third interview. It is proceeded to reference check and job proposal phase for the candidates who are found suitable after all these assessments. Phone or e-mail notification is made to all applicant candidates and their resumes are stored at our database for assessment for different positions.

Intern Process

Every year, more than 50 students are accepted to our internship program for summer intern at Pelsan Aydınlatma. Our internship program has been established in order to make contribution to students getting familiar with business life and also to create an opportunity for coming together with talents that may join us in the future. Internship program is available at June, July, August and September and applications of 3RD and 4TH year students are accepted only.

High School Intern Program

Internship opportunity is provided at September-June period to the vocational high school students who have compulsory internships under the law with the number 3308. Intern capacity needed is informed to school administrations by contacting to schools designated by our company. After reviewing the applications received, officials of respective department make in interview with the intern candidates. After examining the received applications, interns are accepted as the results of the interviews to be made with eligible candidate interns by relevant human resources and department executives.