The First and Only LED Contest of Turkey is About to Result

Finalist Projects of the 3RD LED and LED Lighting Project Contest held under the sponsorship of Pelsan Aydınlatma are competing on Friday, September 28TH.

Results of the LED Contest that has been organized for the 3RD time this year for increasing the awareness in LED Lighting, which has started to enter every area of our lives in a short time thanks to its energy saving and long service life characteristics, are going to be announced on the 28th of October, Friday following the presentations to be made at Istanbul Exhibition Centre, Yeşilköy and winners will be awarded.

LED Contest, which has created awareness in LED issue by supporting new projects and ideas, contributing to increasing production and R&D studies and bringing university students interested in the industry with the professionals from the sector, is being performed under the Main Sponsorship of Pelsan Aydınlatma this year. Total of 32 project applications, 19 from university students and 13 from the professionals from the sector, have been made for the contest. After the preliminary assessments, 15 project were qualified for the finals. Project owners will get the opportunity to introduce their works to all industrialist and academicians interested in LED thanks to the "Project Exhibition" that has been realized for the first time this year.

Two important boards will perform assessment during the contest and chose the projects eligible for reward.

SCIENCE BOARD (in alphabetical order per surname)

• Prof. Dr. Sermin ONAYGİL A.T.M.K. President / İTÜ Energy Institute
• Prof. Dr. Süleyman ÖZÇELİK Gazi University Photonic Application and Research Centre
• Ass. Prof. Dr. Canan PERDAHÇI Kocaeli Department of Electrical Eng.
• Prof. Dr. Rengin ÜNVER A.T.M.K. Vice President / YTÜ Faculty of Architecture, Architecture Department

INDUSTRY BOARD (in alphabetical order per surname)

Dr. Engin AYÇİÇEK Elektrikport Web Portal
• Feridun BAYRAM General Director / Marmara Tanıtım Fuarcılık
• Emre GÜNEŞ PLD Turkey
Dr. Gülşah YAMAN UZUNOĞLU Tübitak Ume
• Reşit GÖĞÜŞ Chairman of the Board / Pelsan Aydınlatma

With the Project Exhibition; academicians, researchers, businessmen and university students who are indispensable elements of science will be brought together in the project contest that has received the greatest attendance in our country in its field, studies carried out at Universities and Industry will be discussed, things that should be done will be determined and publicly announced, contribution will be made for spreading the science and knowledge of corporations will be shared with the implementers and scientific environments. Pelsan Aydınlatma, having completed its 30TH year in the industry this year, has speeded up its investments in LED Lighting area for the last 5 years. With the R&D department that has been restructured 2 years ago, electronic facility that entered into service last year, new laboratory with the area of 1000 m2, which is one of very few largest laboratories in lighting industry and its research center, it is ready for welcoming the era of electronics in lighting.

Pelsan Aydınlatma offering many alternatives to the consumer by having more than 3000 products under its product range, has speeded up production in LED products category and has managed to add new system LED Fixtures created with the R&D and design team while performing LED transformation of more than 40 different products in many fields such as road and street fixtures, downlights, spots, projectors , fuel station fixtures, park-garden fixtures until now. In these activities, ensuring energy efficiency, cresting lighting shapes that meets the eye and their contribution to economy are considered.