Pelsan Lighting Technologies Training Centre Has Opened in Kocaeli University

One of the leaders of the lighting sector Pelsan Lighting has donated a modern Lighting Laboratory to the University’s department of Electrical Engineering with the collaboration of Kocaeli University.

Pelsan Lighting, apart from generating the highest employment in the sector, has initiated and completed many important projects for the sector in the recent years and continues its activities on R&D and sponsorship for education. Pelsan Lighting who set off with the objective of improving the existing laboratories’ lighting divisions in the universities, is completing various projects. Pelsan Lighting, within the scope of its mission “Supporting Education” has undertaken a social responsibility project of establishing lighting laboratories in universities. Its first laboratory was opened in Yıldız Technical University last year. The inauguration of the laboratory established in Kocaeli University, Engineering Faculty, Department of Electrical Engineering took place on March 5th 2014 with a large number of participants.

Pelsan Lighting Board Member Yurdem Göğüş Çoruhlu has stated that the reason behind their wish of establishing a lighting laboratory is to raise awareness amongst engineering faculty students before their graduation; they believe that as competent engineers with an extensive knowledge on lighting will increase, there will be more accumulated knowledge in the sector. Coruhlu continued to say that the engineer candidates will learn practical aspect of lighting in the labs that will be built and besides graduating with practical knowledge on the subject; they will be inspired to work in the sector. The students can design and realize any project in their dreams by using Pelsan technical infrastructure and then sell their creations to anywhere in the world.

Within the scope of the recently signed protocol between the Rector of Kocaeli University Prof. Dr. Sezer S. Komsuoglu, the Dean of the Engineering Faculty Prof. Dr. Sarp Ertürk, Electrical Engineering Department Head Prof. Dr. Bekir Çakır and esteemed academic members, the products and appliances to be installed in the laboratory have been determined as follows: Lighting armatures for indoors and outdoors, lamps, sensors, LED lighting sources and equipment, stroboscopic effects measurement device to determine the effects of lighting on the vision, Ullbricht curve to measure the different luminous intensity distribution of specific lighting and their characteristics, colour rendering demo and various measurement equipment… An education centre controlled by lighting automation system which enables practical training and experimenting using the lighting sources and auxiliary parts. The student can determine and interpret the characteristics of various lighting sources on the experimenting tables. Thanks to these practices young engineer candidates gain basic knowledge and know-how on lighting and internal installations, they can select between different lighting sources, armatures and auxiliary parts to obtain the right illumination, can recognize and know thoroughly lighting automation system, can follow closely the rapidly developing lighting technologies and use them and gain various similar competencies; as well as creating professional man power for the sector.