Pelsan Aydınlatma's "Support for Education (Eğitime Destek)" Project Continues Without Slowing Down...

Pelsan Aydınlatma, achieving great projects recently along with creating the highest employment for the lighting industry, increasingly sustains its university education and vocational education supporting activities.

Pelsan Aydınlatma starting off with the purpose of increasing practical info provision power of the laboratories existing at the universities related to lighting, puts its signature under various projects related to the improvement of laboratories available at electrical engineering departments. Pelsan Aydınlatma has undertaken establishing lighting laboratories at universities as a social responsibility project as a part of this mission within the scope of "Support for Education" project and opened its first laboratory at Yıldız Technical University and second one at Kocaeli University.

Efforts for supporting vocational education under "Support for Education" project continues, too. In order to enable students turning their theoretical education into practice, ten vocational and technical education centres have been designated in the last quarter of 2016 and Samandıra Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and Amasta Taşova Şehit Pols Ahmet Yaşar Vocational and Technical Training Centre have been given laboratory test sets as a gift.

Thus, it is aimed to ensure that students can get basic knowledge and skills in lighting and interior installation, to choose the light source, fixture and auxiliary components for a correct lighting system, to be familiar with lighting automation system, to follow-up and use rapidly developing lighting technologies and get similar competencies in order to achieve competent and trained manpower.

About Pelsan Aydınlatma A. Ş. ...

Pelsan Aydınlatma, A.Ş. which was founded in Istanbul 35 years ago, is one of the biggest manufacturers in the lighting industry in Turkey with its production, export and employment figures.

4 million lighting fixtures are manufactured every year and exported to 65 countries by 450 employees at Pelsan plants with indoor area of 25.000 m² .

Optical, thermal, mechanical and electrical designs are performed within Pelsan by the R&D department running with strong engineer staff. Again all lighting products are certified with the Lighting Laboratory that has been established internally and registered upon accreditation by Turkish Accreditation Institution. Pelsan, with all these facilities owned, has shifted also to LED technology that has been developing and spreading recently, and started to produce efficient fixtures complying to this technology.

Main product groups of Pelsan Aydınlatma, offering venue specific project design and lighting design with total saving approach, are Interior Lighting, Exterior Lighting, Industrial Lighting, Equipment and Lamps.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, having adopted the mission of investing on the future of the lighting sector and youngsters, donates lighting laboratories to universities and offer job and intern opportunities to students with PMTP (Pelsan Aydınlatma Management Trainee Program) it applies.

Lighting products manufactured are delivered to customers through the dealer network spread around Turkey, chain stores, Tedaş and projects.

For detailed information: Banu Esin – Corporate Communication Specialist (banu.esin@pelsan.com.tr – 0546 501 09 86)