Pelsan Aydınlatma has chosen its stars...

Pelsan, one of the leading manufacturers of lighting industry in Turkey, rewarded successful projects of the year 2011 and their owners with the competition organized among its employees.

Pelsan Aydınlatma, which is among the leading manufacturers in lighting industry, rewarded projects carried out for the purpose of appreciating the works of the employees due to their success, attitudes and efforts supporting the objectives and strategies of the company, increasing commitment to the company and motivation. Pelsan Human Resources Department, which has adopted the implementation of Reward and Suggestion System since last year, started off with the motto of "those who perform the work are the ones that know it best". It has aimed to see the employees as the experts of the job that they perform, to assess and reward their suggestions for improvement steps within the continuous improvement continuous approach, thereby rewarding any contribution that will be made to the company by the employees in an objective, clear and fair manner.

Successful projects and their owners nominated by the employees and the management were evaluated under 7 categories for 1 month. As the result of this period, awards found their owners by the evaluation board. Other than the categories such as Customer Satisfaction Creators Award, The Best Project Ward, CPA of the Year Award, Team of the Year Award, Product Development Award and Reşit Göğüş Special Award, certificates were given to the employees who completed 5,10,15,20 and 25 years at Pelsan Aydınlatma. The ward ceremony, which was held under internal customer satisfaction activities, was performed at Atakent Cultural Centre with the capacity of 500 people. Pelsan Aydınlatma Board Chairman M. Reşit Göğüş, who made the opening speech of the night prepared after a comprehensive work, said that the employees, customers and the suppliers had a role behind while Pelsan Aydınlatma was reaching to its 30TH year with in increasing success rate. He emphasized that Pelsan Aydınlatma had entered to the second 30 year with a young team and that their road was more clear since this team was lead by the second generation. Pelsan Board Chairman Mr. Göğüş, mentioning about the change management process that they had been sustaining for 2 years, indicated that they had taken huge steps on the road of institutionalization by working with target orientation and comprehensive project management. When 420 employees appended their signatures under a painting written "We have been walking together for 30 years and we will walk together, too for the second thirty year" on it and gave as a present to the Board Chairman M. Reşit Göğüş, emotional moments took place.

After the award holders received their certificates and awards, the nigh ended with a beautiful concert.