Pelsan Aydınlatma Etange Fixture Group Distinguishes with its rivals with its 100% Domestic Production

Pelsan Aydınlatma, with Etange Fixtures launched with 100% domestic production, offers a energy saver and safe lighting to the consumer and gives lifetime warranty with the power of Pelsan Brand behind it.

With the continuous development of the construction industry day after day, areas and number of use of etange fixtures have been increasing rapidly. Etange fixtures, which are only used at carparks and some construction sites, are started to be used from the start to the completion of constructions as well as for their decorations now.

Etange fixtures manufactured by Pelsan Aydınlatma fully meet needs with energy saving and safe lighting in areas that do not require continuous lighting such as large corridors with many doors and staircases, foyers and carparks, underpasses, subway station and logistic warehouses.

Pelsan Etange group products are 100% domestic production and they are manufactured by TURKISH engineers, technicians and workers from the design to moulding, injection and pressing work to assembly. Etange Fixtures, with all processes starting and ending at PELSAN facilities, are marketed with the assurance of Pelsan Brand.

In the Margo model with fiberglass body, Mar model to be launched in short time and Aqua models with polymer injection body, easy installation, non-yellowing acrylic glass, low power loss inductive Pelsan ballast or A1/2 class hot ignition electronic ballast and international quality certificate requirement for all components are adopted as standards.

In Pelsan Etange Fixture line,

• Non-yellowing PMMA glass or high-resistance, durable PC glass is used.
• It is possible to insert 4 x T8 lamps or T5 lamps at once on Mar model and it can be used as high ceiling fixture if desired.
• For ensuring lifetime continuation of IP protection class, there are apparatus in all models for installation to ceiling without drilling the body.
• Internal cover can be hung down for ensuring easiness during installation.
• In Aqua models, there is a glass that can be hung by attaching to body clamps.

Options Available for Etange Fixtures

Standard movement sensors can run with switchable ON/OFF ballasts but this type of movement control results with 100% light or %100 darkness. Lighting system shifts to a dim level instead of complete darkness upon receiving the command from the corridor function and do not remain the environment completely lightless. When corridor function is applied for 24 hours, it provides energy saving reaching to 70%. Return of investment of this system is 6 months in average

• Switch dimming
• Remote dimming

In etange fixtures, electronic ballast that can be dimmed may be used optionally. In this system that is capable of controlling the light level between 3-100%, we can operate with a standard switch or remote control in areas with daylight and that are not wanted to have high light levels.

Another option of etange fixtures is the daylight option. Dimming can be performed by means of a daylight sensor to be inserted on an etange fixture with dimmable electronic ballast. Thus, we can benefit from our biggest energy source, sun, at maximum level.

Another outstanding feature of etange fixture is that it can be applied with emergency lighting units. By means of an emergency lighting unit to be added to the fixture, in case of a blackout, the lamp activates automatically ( within less than a second) and does not leave around in complete darkness. Depending on the battery to be chosen, the lamp will run for 1-3 hours with 15-20% of normal light flux. Thus, a safe lighting is ensured for your places.