Doris Recessed Pool Luminaire

Product Information

Body Polymer injection
LED High power LED
Gasket Fixed and seamless polyurathane gasketsuitable for temperature changes and environmental conditions
Optical Cover / Diffuser Glass BK 7
Frame Polymer injection
Technical Information
Code NoPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Luminous Flux (lm)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)Pcs/PackLamp TypePower FactorLed Number
5412 1520366500K1200228x59mm260,1520LED>0,9512
5412 153036RGB1200228x59mm260,1520LED>0,9512
Product Features

Mechanical Specifications

  • Polymer injection frame.
  • Polymer injection frame.
  • Independent access to electrical compartment.
  • Cooling fins providing effective heat dissipation.
  • Stainless steel connection elements.
  • Fixed and seamless polyurathane gasket suitable for temperature changes and environmental conditions


Electrical Specifications
  • Constant voltage, high efficiency LED driver.
  • Efficient power factor correction immune to fluctuations in grid voltage and providing constant light output.
  • PCB with high thermal conductivity.
  • Short circuit protection and thermal protection integration.
  • Non-flammable connector terminal suitable for 2,5mm² cross-sectioned cable installation
Optical Specifications
  • LM80 and TM21 standards compliant LED with lifetime over 50.000 hours.
  • High colour rendering index (Ra>80), high transmission, clear tempered glass.
  • Polimer injection PMMA lens.
Usage Areas

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • 1 Class of protection the, body is grounde.
  • Ukrainian standards compliance certificate.
  • EN 60598-2-1
  • IP68