High Ceiling Motion Sensor

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoTypeNominal Load
Mesafesi Detection Distance
Mounting Height
[mm] ф abc h

Pack Volume 

Pack Weight
5513 5210 Iç Sensör120082,2-4,085x75 1000,062911,5
5513 5150Motion Sensor with Lampholder60W(E27)62,0-3,5Ø55x116500,0282 6,0
5513 5170Switch Type Sensor1200/30091,0-1,880x80x341000,0546 14,2 
5513 5390IP65 Sensor Box--- Ø134x65 500,090912,8
Product Features
• UV reinforced polymer injection body.
• Ergonomic structure, installation kit included.
• The fuse prevents failure due to overloads.
• Time, distance and luminance level can be adjusted with on-sensor buttons.
• Does not require periodical maintenance.
• Has no harmful effect on the environment and humans during operation