Halley Architectural Office Luminaire

Product Information

Body Electrostatic powder coated metal
Optical Cover / Diffuser High-end transparent and homogeneous light distribution opal cover PMMA
Driver Pelsan High Efficiency Driver
LED SMD mid power
Options DALI and corridor function applications. 1-10V Dimming application. Emergency lighting unit application up to 3 hours. Radar sensor application. Production according to desired correlated colour temperature (CCT). Different RAL code electrostatic powder coating. Metal suspended ceiling application.
Technical Information
Code NoTypePower (W)Luminous Flux(lm)Colour Tem. (K)Luminous Effic.
(mm) a b c
Açılacak Delik Ölçüsü (mm)Pcs/PackPackage Vol. (m3)Package Weight (kg)Input Voltage (V)Colour Ren. In. (CRI)Power Fac. (cos )FrequencyIP ProtectionRal Code
5615 9231Halley3324704000-650075595x595x80x46575x57540,1484219220-240>80>0.9550-60IP409016
5615 9271Galaxy3330004000-650091595x595x80575x57540,1484219220-240>80>0.9550-60IP409016
5615 9201Cion3330004000-650091595x595x80575x57540,1484219220-240>80>0.9550-60IP409016
Product Features

Mechanical Specifications

  • 0,50 mm thick architectural design metal frame with electrostatic powder coating.
  • Stainless steel latches positioned to prevent falling of the frame.
  • Ceiling tile compatible model including 4 extra brackets and screws for drywall ceiling installations.

Optical Specifications

  • LM80 and TM21 standards compliant LED with lifetime over 50.000 hours.
  • High colour rendering index (Ra>80).
  • Electrostatic powder coated non-yellowing metallic reflector providing optimum diffusion.
  • High transmission polycarbonate optical cover with homogenous luminous distribution
  • non-yellowing and nondiscolouring throughout lifetime of the luminaire

Electrical Specifications

  • Constant current, high efficiency LED driver.
  • Efficient power factor correction immune to fluctuations in grid voltage and providing constant light output.
  • PCB with high thermal conductivity


  • DALI and corridor function applications.
  • Emergency lighting unit application up to 3 hours.
  • Metal suspended ceiling application.
  • Radar Sensor Application/Production according to desired Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT)
  • Different RAL-code electrostatic powder coating.
Usage Areas

Product Standarts

  • IP 40
  • Işık hüzmesi
  • EN 60598-2-2
  • 220-240V