IP20 LED Strip

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoLed QuanlityVoltage
Colour Temp.
(mm) a b
Pcs/PackPackage Vol.
Package Weight
5985 321060/m125White5000x1010,000620.2
5985 322060/m125Yellow5000x1010,000620.2
5985 323060/m125Red5000x1010,000620.2
5985 324060/m125Green5000x1010,000620.2
5985 325060/m125Blue5000x1010,000620.2
5985 326060/m125Daylight5000x1010,000620.2
5985 327060/m125RGB5000x1010,000620.2
Product Features

» Easy and solid installation with 3M adhesive.
» 3 Lamp modules, may be used by cutting at each 3-lamp module.
» 50.000 hours lifetime.
» 12Vdc rated voltage.Driver required for operation.
» Each meter consists of 60 SMD LEDs.
» Available modules are single chip, triple chip and RGB.
» Suitable for use with control units.
» Fit for indoor applications.
» IP20 Protection.

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • IP 20