LED Filament Lamps (Ø64)

Product Information

Body Transperent glass
LED Filament
Technical Information
Code NoPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Luminous Flux (lm)Dimensions (mm) Ø hWeight (kg)Volume (m3)BasePcs/PackPower FactorColour Ren. In.EfficacyInput Voltage (V)Frequency (Hz)
5982 20706300060064x1425,50,045E2740>0,50>80100220-24050-60
5982 20806300060095x1425,50,049E2720>0,50>80100220-24050-60
5982 209063000600125x1755,70,093E2720>0,50>80100220-24050-60
Product Features

» Can be used under all conditions with its broad operating temperature range (-20….. +40C).
» Internal driver enables easy installation without the need for ancilary elements.
» Maintenance costs are minimized thanks to long lifetime LED.
» Environment and energy friendly with minimum carbonioxyde emission.
» Luminous flux will not change during lamp life.
» Opening and closing number compared to other lamps are up to 10 times hinger.

Product Standarts

  • Europe Standard
  • 220-240V