High Pressure Sodium Lamps

Product Information

Technical Information
Code NoTypePower (W)Color Temperature (K)Luminous Flux (lm)Dimensions ((mm) a b c)Weight (kg)Volume (m3)BasePcs/Pack
5984 5010SON-T5020004000160x102x382.50.01063E2725
5984 5020SON-T7020006500160x102x382.50.01063E2725
5984 5030SON-T100200010000204x132x4660.0358E4024
5984 5040SON-T150200017000204x132x4660.037E4024
5984 5050SON-T250200033000244x158x466.50.04E4024
5984 5060SON-T400200055000270x164x467.50.0463E4024
5984 5070SON-T10002000130000360x222x66.57.50.054E4020
Product Features
» Long-lifetime.
» Provides high luminous efficacy.
» High luminous efficacy.
» Low maintenance costs.
» For outdoor and indoor lighting use.
» Universal operating position.
» Resistant against changes in voltage.
» Used together with ancillary elements